Organic Christmas

Organic Grass-fed Non-caged Small Batch Christmas Trees

Welcome to Organic Christmas Trees. We believe that you should treat your home the same way you treat your body, which means taking care with things both big and small. We provide you options when it comes to selecting the perfect tree during the holiday season.

The Care

Our Organic Christmas Trees are grown and nurtured in small batches with the utmost care to ensure freedom to roam and to grow without feeling confined by tight spaces. Each tree is given a 20 foot by 20 foot space of its own. The trees are kept on a strict grass, water and sunlight only diet, which guarantees each of our trees to be toxin and pesticide-free. They are given room to roam free in their spaces to fulfill their spirit. We also offer different options when it comes to natural fertilization, whether by organic cat, organic dog or organic cow manure; you are also allowed to bring your own organic animal to fertilize your treeling, if you choose to pre-order your tree at least 6 months in advance. The trees range from 6ft to XL, allowing them to be themselves and celebrate their figures.

Order Your Tree

  • (both younger and older trees available upon request)
    2001 2010
  • (using only natural dye)

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